Rich metadata-client for RaspberryPi, scrapes kodi-like xml-files into its own database and saves related media. Web-Interface including search, cross-referencing and playback-control.

Python-tools, django (with jinja2), jquery, bootstrap.

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Platform for micro-logistics for humanitarian organisations, a pilot-project in concert with the Viennese Red Cross.

Group-work; angularJS, Java (Spring Boot, Spring Security), RESTful API, Bootstrap, third-party admin-theme. Lead-designer.

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MehMeh (Demo)

Filesystem-backed picture gallery, includes possibility to "lock"/hide galleries, download entire galleries as zip, access pictures in "locked" galleries via hashed permalink.

Plain php, originally adapted work, twig-templates, database-less (with caching)

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Small file-upload tool for personal use, key (password) based access, different user-levels, database-less (with caching)

plain php (minimal script)

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